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Article  Legaleye Associates - Lawyers, Advocates, Solicitors
India | Asia | by: legaleye | 1913 d 7h 18m | Business & Economy |share| report
Legaleye Associates is a full service law firm in India, with its offices in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi and network offices in all other major cities of India. The firm is best known for its expertise in Civil, Corporate and Commercial practice. The firm has an active admiralty, real estate and litigation practice. Lawyers at the firm have represented both multinational and Indian companies in a variety of transactions. The Firm is committed towards providing commercially oriented legal advice and services in relation to all sectors of the economy. 

Practice areas

Lawyers for Business and Commercial Laws,

Lawyers for admiralty matters, cargo claims, ship arrest and release at any port in Indi,a

Lawyers for Arbitration & Mediation,

Lawyers for due diligence,

Corporate Lawyers,

Lawyers for Mergers & Amalgamations,

Litigation Lawyers,

Lawyers for Recovery matters,

Lawyers for Real Estate & Property cases,

Civil Lawyers,

Criminal Lawyers,

Consumer Court Disputes,

High Court Lawyers,

Lawyers for filing SLP,

Divorce Lawyers,

Lawyers for mutual divorce,

Matrimonial Lawyers,

Labour Lawyers,



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