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Article  Best High Tea Sydney, Hire Tea Set Sydney, High Tea Party Hire, Sydney
Australia | AustraliaPacific | by: highteaparty | 1836 d 5h 53m | General News |share| report

The â??High Teaâ?? concept is basically an afternoon affair with tea or coffee and delicious food items like sandwiches, savories and sweets. It sounds simple, but it would be quite cumbersome to organize alone. Now it is easy with Momentous Cat in Sydney, with their Best High Tea in Sydney, which specializes in making a high tea a memorable afternoon. The service level Hire Tea Set Sydney delivers includes all â?? from sourcing the invitations to provide the crockery, waiting staff to clean-up crew. The High Tea Party Hire, Sydney goes to the extent of delivering table decorations and a nanny fairy to entertain the small ones. Momentous Cat, in fact, is able to turn a high tea into a celebration, a memorable day for some occasionâ?¦ and all without hassle for the host. Just agree on the theme, the menu, the date and time â?? all the rest will be â??a piece of cakeâ?? as one may say.


There are many occasions to make a High tea party hire Sydney a very special celebration â?? a bride shower, a baby shower, a wedding anniversary, a promotion and so on â?? any occasion worth of being made into a memorable day.


The services can come as packages of many varieties â?? from gourmet sandwiches and mouth-watering savories and sweets in a large variety. Special requests can also be entertained on request. And, no high tea comes without beverages like tea (a full range of Twinnings teas) or coffee with fresh milk pots. The items can, in fact, be considered a full afternoon meal presented in crockery (also for hire) and decoration matching the chosen theme.


There are, naturally, economic conditions to observe while booking a High Tea. Half the total amount must be given at the time of booking, and fifty percent will be charged if a cancellation happens within 5 days of the event. A $100 refundable bond is also required at time of booking to ensure the reimbursement for broken or misplaced items. If the function is 25km or more from Rose Bay, Sidney, a travel fee will be charged. Just relax and enjoy the special day.


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