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Article  Dr. Anmol sethiâÂ?Â?s ultrasound clinic
India | Asia | by: tarund | 1936 d 7h 36m | Health |share| report

Dr Anmol"s Ultrasound Clinic provides a high quality pregnancy, gynaecological, fertility and 4D scanning service for women. Owned completely by Dr Anmol Sethi, the centre was developed with an ambition to provide excellence in ultrasound services. Dr Anmol Sethi has more than 10 years experience in Clinical Ultrasound. Ranging from normal Pregnancy ultrasound to high end 4D ultrasound scanning or Level-II ultrasound to detect structural abnormalities of the foetus, the centre attends to many patients during the day. Safe, affordable and non-invasive, and using the latest equipment Dr. Anmol"s Ultrasound clinic provides the required information to doctors and patients to make better healthcare decisions. 

Visit us at : http://www.dranmolsethi.com/

Address=C-310, Nirvana Countryard, Nirvana Country, Opp. Shalom 
Hills School, Adjoining South City-II, Sector-50, Gurgaon
Haryana (India) 



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