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Article  Mr.Rahul Gandhi False claims
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 3718 d 15h 49m | General News |share| report

PRESS RELEASE of Janata Party

The revelation in New Indian Express, Chennai today of the false claim of Mr.Rahul Gandhi made in his sworn affidavit that he holds a M Phil in Development Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University calls from an immediate Notice for perjury to be sent to him by the Election Commission. Otherwise, I shall move the Courts for action.

The revelation confirms the disclosure I made after a visit to the Department of Development Studies, University of Cambridge in 2005. I was informed by the Departmentâ??s library and revealed in its computer, that Mr.Gandhi did not complete his M Phil degree because he had failed the National Economic Planning and Policy exam and hence could not fulfil the mandatory requirement of writing a M Phil thesis (much less defend it). Also, Trinity College does not award M Phil degrees, and Development Studies Department has nothing to do with the Economics Department.

Moreover, according to University records Mr.Gandhi as Raul Vinci had given his citizenship as â??Italian citizen by birth since born to an Italian motherâ??, and holds an Italian passport in that name. He also paid his fees from a numbered account in a tax-haven bank.

Incidentally, Mr.Gandhi had failed the first year B,A in St.Stephanâ??s College in Delhi because, as his sister had in Jesus and Mary College, he failed the Hindi
compulsory course exam.


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