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Article  How to get Pak with out a war ?
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 3825 d 13h 3m | General News |share| report
War is brutal. 1000"s of people will die. We can not let 1000"s die for 180 already perished in Mumbai. We have to get Pak for their support. It"s really not that difficult if there is will. Hit them where it hurts - Financially.
  1. Ignore Pakistan in all aspects, act like it doesn"t exist atal.
    1. Close all consulates in Pak except one
    2. No Visa"s for any Paks to Enter India
    3. No Visa"s for Indians to enter Pak
    4. Cut-Off all trade (loss is about 200 million dollars much better price to pay than 20 billion dollar war)
    5. Cut-Off all banking transactions
    6. No rights to PIA to fly over India (will cost them close to few million dollars per week)
    7. Block all ships enroute to Pak via rameswaram. (will cost them 100"s of millions in extended cost of fuel)
    8. Cut-Off all telecommunications including Internet access from  Pak from India
    9. Simply act as if a country called Pak exists.
    10. No exports/imports
    11. Refuse to play any Pak team anywhere.
    12. Ask all Pakis to leave India except for one deplomatic mission.
  2. Keep them on their toes
    1. Move troops from Rajastan to Kashmir randomly so that Pak will match the moves (costing them 100"s of millions of dollars)
  3. Shoot at site, see any one crossing border - shoot
  4. Finance Afghan govt to agitate NW frontier
  5. Finance Balooch rebels via Dubai.
  6. Put deplomatic pressure via UAE, Soudi route. UAE canbe controlled by  threatening financial cutoff. (we may loose some but worth it)
  7. Use Bhuvan and publish all PAK on internet at 1 meter resolution on Internet identifying key targets.
  8. Randomly Jam all frequencies at border extending well into Pak interior.
  9. Block Sindhu water, and divert to Rajastan/Punjab.
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