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Reuters AlertNet - India checking reports of nationals missing in Iraq
Iraq | MiddleEast | by: rajan | 4600 d 10h 39m | alertnet.org | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India is checking reports that five of its nationals have gone missing in Iraq, a senior Foreign Ministry official said on Saturday. "We have seen the report but so far we have no confirmation," Shyam Saran told reporters.
Mumbai Bombings Shake Outsourcing Community
Usa | Americas | by: rajan | 4600 d 10h 20m | eweek.com | Business & Economy |share| report
The terrorist attack in Mumbai?and conflict between Israel and Lebanon for that matter?raise a series of questions for companies sourcing technology globally. Do you know the disaster recovery plans of your offshore services provider? Are ......
IndiaDaily - Indians refuse to work for Indian oligarchs and rush to Singapore BPOs
Singapore | Asia | by: madhavi | 4600 d 14h 16m | indiadaily.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Call centre operators in Singapore command at least three times more in wages than their counterparts in India, a news report said on Monday
This is jihad
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4600 d 10h 30m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
The holy warriors who carried out the 7/11 bombings in Mumbai may be members of local sleeper cells of the LeT and SIMI but the battle they are fighting is part of the global war being waged by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda. With Islamis ......
IIM students to study Krrish- The Times of India
India | Asia | by: rajan | 4600 d 20h 4m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Movies & Entertainment |share| report
"Most importantly, it has created a brand called ’India’. IIM-Indore will make an international case study on Krrish , which will be taught in IIMs as well as leading business schools across Europe, Asia and America. This resear ......
There were 24 armed fidayeen
India | Asia | by: hira | 4600 d 19h 42m | dailypioneer.com | Odd News & Other Links |share| report
Conspirators used e-mails, hid behind women ---- The men who planted explosives on Mumbai’s train were heavily armed and numbered nearly two dozen
IT outsourcing boom over in India- The Times of India
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4601 d | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
One more great prophecy - just like they did in 2003
US Cancer Society honours Ramadoss- The Times of India
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4601 d 5m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | People & Politics |share| report
Ramadoss received the Luther L Terry Award, named after a former US surgeon general who authored a landmark 1964 report connecting tobacco use to lung cancer and other illnesses, at a special ceremony in Washington on Friday.
CNN.com - India: Bombers had Pakistani help - Jul 15, 2006
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4600 d 23h 47m | edition.cnn.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s unusually blunt comments on Friday appeared to signal an abrupt shift in relations between India and Pakistan, whose ties had warmed over the past two years.
Cops got paid to beat up agitating students- The Times of India
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 12m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | People & Politics |share| report
Factionist CM can’t change even in office
India not afraid of competition in IT: Maran
Great Britain | Europe | by: madhavi | 4600 d 23h 57m | hindustantimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
"We are not afraid of challenges from countries like China. The pie is too big," he said at an interactive session with representatives of IT Industries in the UK at the India House in London on Friday night.
Study: Indian outsourcing boom slowing | Tech News on ZDNet
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4601 d 37m | news.zdnet.com | Business & Economy |share| report
This is from 2003 great prediction. They never talk about bad predictions. They must have made lot of people happy with this news.
Congress to blame
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 01h 01m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
It helped SIMI recover and regroup ---- It is entirely possible that when the Congress contested the Tamil Nadu Assembly election in alliance with dubious organisations like the Tamil Muslim
Tendulkar happy with recovery
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: madhavi | 4602 d 8h 19m | dawn.com | Cricket & Sports |share| report
Tendulkar, who holds the records for most test and one-day hundreds, has suffered a series of niggling injuries since making his India debut as a 16-year-old in 1989, but he said the latest setback was the most difficult. ?After past inj ......
Australian bank plans to outsource from India- The Economic Times
Australia | AustraliaPacific | by: madhavi | 4602 d 8h 25m | economictimes.indiatimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
The bank has told its workers that the decision to outsource the jobs has been taken to bring in "greater efficiency."
Shyam Reddy leading Democratic candidate for Secretary of State-Georgia
Usa | Americas | by: hiku | 4601 d 16h 54m | shyamreddy.com | People & Politics |share| report
Shyam Reddy leading Democratic candidate for Secretary of State-Georgia
Now, govt plans quota in sports
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 15h 35m | cities.expressindia.com | People & Politics |share| report
Shame on people who elected this govt
Terrorism in India - Editorial
Japan | Asia | by: madhavi | 4602 d 8h 21m | asahi.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
India’s future may appear bright. But it also has many serious problems that go back a long way. One of them is religious strife within the country.
India calls off talks with Pakistan - NDTV.com - News on India calls off talks with Pakistan
India | Asia | by: 123ab | 4601 d 23h 27m | ndtv.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
We should not let exterimists control our destiny...
Indian firm buys French winemaker
France | Europe | by: ravi | 4602 d 2m | news.bbc.co.uk | Business & Economy |share| report
McDowell said it planned to introduce Bouvet Ladubay wines to India’s market. McDowell’s whiskey and rum brands are among the best-known in India.
Ascent of the anti-Hindus
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 21h 53m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
Cong govt would like to see Nepal headed by xtian
India’s middle class figures in Fortune’s Top Ten list of those who matter
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 22h 37m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
India’s middle class figures in Fortune’s Top Ten list of those who matter
SIMI ally is Congress poll partner
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4601 d 21h 59m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
Do we need outside enemies
Behind The Scene: Sonia makes enquiries about Lok Satta!
India | Asia | by: hira | 4601 d 22h 30m | greatandhra.com | People & Politics |share| report
Probably Madam enquired about JP’s cost.
India warns Pakistan over terror
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4602 d 3m | news.bbc.co.uk | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Manmohan Singh has said that Pakistan needs to curb terrorism if the peace process between the two countries is to make progress. "We are also certain that... terrorist modules are instigated, inspired and supported by elements across the b ......

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