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Pakistan-India should focus on establishing long term relations: US
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: rajan | 4482 d 15h 48m | paktribune.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Pakistan and India however in a statement said that Washington feels that it is important for both countries to continue cooperation and focus on establishing long term, broad based relations, which is the key to durable peace in the region.
Spotlight: India slowly opens to the world - Business - International Herald Tribune
Great Britain | Europe | by: rajan | 4483 d 01h 17m | iht.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Foreign banks in India already are achieving a return on assets of 3 percent, as against a 1 percent return for the world’s biggest banks. So their eagerness to expand their businesses in India, by acquisition as well as organically, i ......
BostonHerald.com - India says peace process with Pakistan in jeopardy, demands strong global respons....
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4483 d 13h 38m | news.bostonherald.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Foreign Secretary Shaym Saran said that as a result of the attacks ?it is becoming very difficult to take forward the peace process.?
Bush, Putin laud India’s non-proliferation obligations
Russia | Europe | by: ravi | 4483 d 4h 52m | hindu.com | General News |share| report
Lauding the "important" non-proliferation obligations undertaken by New Delhi, the leaders of United States and Russia today agreed to work "actively" with India in the field of civilian nuclear cooperation to meet its energy requirements.
Indians revive French connection- The Economic Times
India | Asia | by: madhavi | 4483 d 5h 5m | economictimes.indiatimes.com | Cricket & Sports |share| report
??By birth we are Indians, but when it comes to football our hearts go to France even when they are pitted against India,?? says Thomas Huges, representative of the Franco-Indian community in Pondicherry. Chandernagar, meanwhile, has paint ......
Bomb hoax at Mumbai suburban station
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4483 d 6h 21m | in.rediff.com | Odd News & Other Links |share| report
Bomb hoax at Mumbai suburban station
Don’t withdraw cases against SIMI, UP CM told
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4483 d 20h 39m | hindustantimes.com | People & Politics |share| report
Terrorsim won’t stop untill these politicians survive
AP News: AP constable suspended for spitting on students
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4483 d 20h 55m | greatandhra.com | Odd News & Other Links |share| report
AP constable suspended for spitting on students
PM for upgrading intelligence, not keen on POTA
India | Asia | by: hira | 4482 d 3h 50m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
Is the cong govt serious about terrorism?
Behind The Scene: Religious conflicts on the rise in YSR rule!
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4482 d 4h 01m | greatandhra.com | People & Politics |share| report
It may sound rather exaggeration or mere coincidence, but observers say religious conflicts have gone up eversince Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy came to power in the State in 2004
Putin to back expanding G8 to include India
Russia | Europe | by: ravi | 4482 d 5h 17m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India should have been member long time ago
India reveal hi-tech umpires plan
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4482 d 5h 14m | news.bbc.co.uk | Cricket & Sports |share| report
"It is a challenge for the BCCI to see that Indian umpires make it to the Elite Panel," ICC general manager Dave Richardson said two months ago. The new scheme will see all domestic matches filmed using six cameras, with the footage subseq ......
Iran News - No gas sale to India, Pakistan for now: Iran
Iran | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4482 d 5h | iranmania.com | Business & Economy |share| report
"If the Indian side is not ready to buy our gas at its real price, we have no obligation to sell it at the price lower than the real one," he said. He said India and Pakistan should forget buying Iran’s gas in the low price.
India’s "double standard" on terrorism slammed
Sri Lanka | Asia | by: rpaturi | 4482 d 5h 10m | hindustantimes.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
The Sri Lankan press has accused India of using a double standard in its policy towards terrorism - one for itself and another for Sri Lanka. - What about USA
Efforts on to make AIIMS autonomous
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4482 d 5h 12m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Health |share| report
ll India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) "as immune as possible from authorities". "We hope we can come out with some recommendations which will make AIIMS as immune as possible from authorities," MS Valiathan, who has been named the ......
The big SIMI scramble
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4482 d 15h 44m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
Now showing in UP: ---- The Mumbai blasts appear to have set a new stage for the electoral battle in Uttar Pradesh, with different political parties’ strategies being manifested through their positions on the banned Students Islamic Mo ......
Dataquest : Datamine : The Indian Top 20 IT Companies
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4482 d 15h 19m | dqindia.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Check this list - Not all of them are Indian.
Lashkar-e-Qahhar claims responsibility for 11/7- The Times of India
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4482 d 15h 50m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | People & Politics |share| report
Old wine in new bottle
Australia’s leading bank Westpac on Sunday came under attack following reports of its plan to o....
Australia | AustraliaPacific | by: ravi | 4482 d 19h 25m | indiadaily.com | Business & Economy |share| report
ustralia’s leading bank Westpac on Sunday came under attack following reports of its plan to outsource more jobs to India by the end of this year. The Finance Sector Union (FSU), a body representing the country’s finance industry ......
Australia-India-Japan collaboration to make rail cars in india
Japan | Asia | by: ravi | 4482 d 19h 26m | indiadaily.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Composite parts maker Quickstep Holdings Ltd has formed a joint venture targeting the growing Indian market, eying a $US4.2 million contract to help build new rail coaches.
Reuters AlertNet - India checking reports of nationals missing in Iraq
Iraq | MiddleEast | by: rajan | 4482 d 15h 46m | alertnet.org | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India is checking reports that five of its nationals have gone missing in Iraq, a senior Foreign Ministry official said on Saturday. "We have seen the report but so far we have no confirmation," Shyam Saran told reporters.
Mumbai Bombings Shake Outsourcing Community
Usa | Americas | by: rajan | 4482 d 15h 26m | eweek.com | Business & Economy |share| report
The terrorist attack in Mumbai?and conflict between Israel and Lebanon for that matter?raise a series of questions for companies sourcing technology globally. Do you know the disaster recovery plans of your offshore services provider? Are ......
IndiaDaily - Indians refuse to work for Indian oligarchs and rush to Singapore BPOs
Singapore | Asia | by: madhavi | 4482 d 19h 23m | indiadaily.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Call centre operators in Singapore command at least three times more in wages than their counterparts in India, a news report said on Monday
This is jihad
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4482 d 15h 37m | dailypioneer.com | People & Politics |share| report
The holy warriors who carried out the 7/11 bombings in Mumbai may be members of local sleeper cells of the LeT and SIMI but the battle they are fighting is part of the global war being waged by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda. With Islamis ......
IIM students to study Krrish- The Times of India
India | Asia | by: rajan | 4483 d 01h 11m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Movies & Entertainment |share| report
"Most importantly, it has created a brand called ’India’. IIM-Indore will make an international case study on Krrish , which will be taught in IIMs as well as leading business schools across Europe, Asia and America. This resear ......

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