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Terror heat hits cyber zone, select blogs blocked- The Economic Times
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4717 d 17h 35m | economictimes.indiatimes.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
MUMBAI/DELHI: The central government, reeling under fierce criticism of its response to the Mumbai blasts, has struck a blow at the online community by issuing orders to block blogs across the country.
Morgan Stanley takes Rs 300-cr realty bite- The Economic Times
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4717 d 17h 34m | economictimes.indiatimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Now foreign firms are getting into Indian hot real estate market
US using India against China, says Sudarshan
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4717 d 18h 44m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
In an interview published in the Sangh Parivar’s mouthpiece Panchjanya , the RSS Supremo, K S Sudarshan, while reacting to the Mumbai serial blast, has said that even though the USA knows of Pakistan’s involvement in perpetuating ......
UK cash finances terror, says India | The World | The Australian
Australia | AustraliaPacific | by: ravi | 4718 d 11h 51m | theaustralian.news.com.au | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
The officials accuse Britain of failing to act against a number of wealthy businessmen, who they claim are using bogus charities to funnel up to pound stg. 8million ($19.5million) a year to Kashmiri militant groups, such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, ......
After a brutal takeover, billionaire Lakshmi Mittal stands atop the steel industry. So why is he sti....
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 2h 01m | money.cnn.com | People & Politics |share| report
"I can’t afford Savile Row," the 56-year-old steel tycoon says with a laugh, sounding like the accountant he trained to be in Calcutta more than three decades ago. While Mittal certainly enjoys his wealth in private - a $55 million wed ......
No tsunami expected in India
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4718 d 11h 50m | news.monstersandcritics.com | General News |share| report
New Delhi, July 17 (IANS) India issued a general alert Monday following an undersea quake measuring 7.2 on Richter scale in the Indonesian island of Java at around 1.50 p.m. but assured that there was no likelihood of any tsunami in the reg ......
India’s Clout in U.S. Congress Assisted by GE, Boeing, JPMorgan
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 54m | bloomberg.com | Business & Economy |share| report
Top executives at JPMorgan Chase & Co., General Electric Co. and Boeing Co. are among those lobbying lawmakers to approve the agreement -- a demonstration of the rapid emergence of pro-India groups as a political force in Washington.
India develops indigenous vaccine for bird flu - Irna
Iran | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 52m | irna.ir | Health |share| report
In a significant research breakthrough, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has successfully developed an indigenous vaccine against bird flu. News of the discovery was announced by Union Minister of Agriculture Shri Shar ......
India Poised to Beat China in Cellphone Market Growth
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 53m | latimes.com | Business & Economy |share| report
More Indians than Chinese will soon be signing up for mobile telephone services each month, a symbolic milestone in India’s rapid catching up with its richer and more populous northern neighbor. Current growth rates suggest that Ind ......
India issues tsunami warning for Andaman islands | World | Reuters.co.uk
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 58m | today.reuters.co.uk | General News |share| report
India issued a tsunami warning on Monday for its Andaman and Nicobar islands, which are located near Indonesia, officials said, but a senior seismologist said there was no threat. The Indonesian island of Java was hit by a tsunami earlie ......
?India sees no reason for troop reduction? -DAWN - Top Stories; July 17, 2006
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 50m | dawn.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Indian Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Sunday that there was a good reason not to consider withdrawing troops from Kashmir for the time being. Mr Mukherjee, who was in Kolkata, said: ?There is no question of a troop reduction f ......
US-based Telenity plans India R&D
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 57m | inhome.rediff.com | Business & Economy |share| report
"We will set up an Research and Development centre either in Delhi or in Pune by the end of next year to offer application-based services to consumers. We will invest Rs 5 crore (Rs 50 million) in the first phase and increase it to Rs 30 cr ......
Cobra Beer focuses on India expansion
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4718 d 3h 55m | hindu.com | Business & Economy |share| report
The company said it would utilise 1.5 million pounds to finance its expansion plans in the UK and in India, to raise financing for marketing and distribution in both countries, as well as working capital and to expand draught beer capacity ......
Indian PM calls on Pakistan to combat terrorism.
Australia | AustraliaPacific | by: ravi | 4718 d 11h 39m | abc.net.au | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
"There has to be a firm commitment that Pakistani territory is not used to support terrorist acts directed against our country," Mr Singh said aboard his private plane as he headed to the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Saint Petersburg.
It’s a Bollywood summer in Britain
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4718 d 11h 34m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Movies & Entertainment |share| report
LONDON: If you visit London or any part of Britain in the next few weeks, chances are that you will run into Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Yash Chopra or Aamir Khan, or an Indian crew shooting in the sylvan countryside.
Amarnath lingam disappears : HindustanTimes.com
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 14m | hindustantimes.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
The "manmade" Shivlingam at the Amarnath cave has disappeared. While there are allegations that the 4-ft-high snow lingam has been removed, the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) says it has just melted. With the SASB’s inquiry into the ......
India drop opposition to Twenty20 World Cup
Bahrain | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 19m | gulf-daily-news.com | Cricket & Sports |share| report
"The Indian cricket board was not in favour of the Twenty-20 version, but it was isolated as most other nations supported the idea," said N. Srinivasan, treasurer of the Indian board.
India to Pay Highest Yields Since 2002 as Inflation, Rates Rise
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 21m | bloomberg.com | Business & Economy |share| report
India may pay the highest borrowing costs in more than four years as the central bank increases interest rates to curb inflation. Yields on bonds maturing in 15 years have risen 18 basis points to 8.64 percent since the government’ ......
India urges Pakistan to practice promise against terror
China | Asia | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 22m | english.people.com.cn | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
"There has to be a firm commitment that Pakistani territory is not used to support terrorist acts directed against our country... but the commitment has to be backed by action on the ground," Singh said on board his special aircraft to St P ......
Setbacks to our missile, satellite plans
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 17m | economictimes.indiatimes.com | Science & Technology |share| report
The unsuccessful launches of the Agni 3 missile (July 9) and the GSLV launch vehicle (July 10) have led to predictable despondency in the country and this has been further compounded by the Mumbai serial blasts (July 11).
Zero tolerance to terrorism
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4718 d 15h 24m | cnn.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
"The international community must isolate and condemn terrorists wherever they attack, whatever their cause and whichever country or group provides them sustenance and support," he said. "We will impress upon the leaders gathered at the ......
BostonHerald.com - India says peace process with Pakistan in jeopardy, demands strong global respons....
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4720 d 11h 7m | news.bostonherald.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Foreign Secretary Shaym Saran said that as a result of the attacks ?it is becoming very difficult to take forward the peace process.?
Bush, Putin laud India’s non-proliferation obligations
Russia | Europe | by: ravi | 4720 d 2h 20m | hindu.com | General News |share| report
Lauding the "important" non-proliferation obligations undertaken by New Delhi, the leaders of United States and Russia today agreed to work "actively" with India in the field of civilian nuclear cooperation to meet its energy requirements.
Putin to back expanding G8 to include India
Russia | Europe | by: ravi | 4719 d 2h 46m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India should have been member long time ago
India reveal hi-tech umpires plan
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4719 d 2h 43m | news.bbc.co.uk | Cricket & Sports |share| report
"It is a challenge for the BCCI to see that Indian umpires make it to the Elite Panel," ICC general manager Dave Richardson said two months ago. The new scheme will see all domestic matches filmed using six cameras, with the footage subseq ......

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