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Pakistan Military 'Misusing Us Aid' to fight India - Dough..
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4189 d 19h 5m | english.aljazeera.net | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
Court allows Rajiv assassin?s daughter to enter India
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4484 d 13h 58m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | People & Politics |share| report
Big rise in India's defence budget
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4491 d 17h 9m | english.aljazeera.net | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Shah Rukh not as popular as Big B
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4515 d 12h 56m | archive.gulfnews.com | Movies & Entertainment |share| report
op Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khans popularity as host of Indias biggest TV show is no match for his predecessor Amitabh Bachchan, a news report said yesterday.
Include China-India in G8 (Or G10 to be)
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4522 d 13h 51m | gulf-daily-news.com | Business & Economy |share| report
British Prime Minister Tony Blair last night said the G8 group of leading economies needed to embrace emerging giants China and India if it was to keep its influential role in the world.
Not reported in BBC: BBC workers to go on strike over India outsourcing
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4524 d 12h 42m | gulf-daily-news.com | Business & Economy |share| report
BBC staff will stage a two-day strike next week in protest over work being outsourced to India, a trade union announced yesterday.
Social entrepreneurs set out to re-engineer India
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4529 d 16h 7m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | People & Politics |share| report
hey call themselves social entrepreneurs and their business is to make the world a better place. Donning various roles and leading various organisations, these men and women are not only winning praise for their innovativeness but helping t ......
Rents levitate in India?s sunshine cities
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4545 d 21h 4m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | Business & Economy |share| report
financial district of Nariman Point, named as one of the world?s 10 most expensive locations.
Japan hoping to learn from kabaddi kings India
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4581 d 11h 39m | gulf-times.com | Cricket & Sports |share| report
JAPAN have boosted their chances of landing a kabaddi medal at the Asian Games by learning from the very best, says team captain Terukazu Nitta.
Indian soldiers in Lebanon draw inspiration from Gandhi
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4634 d 13h 45m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | People & Politics |share| report
In deepest south Lebanon where Hezbollah militants fought ferociously with Israeli troops in July and August, India’s UN peacekeeping contingent draws inspiration from a monument to their country’s pacifist independence hero Mahatma Gandhi.
Taleban resurgence is bad news for India
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4639 d 20h 8m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
resurgent Taleban in Afghanistan and increasing casualties for NATO forces are making Afghanistan a security nightmare for India, impacting directly on New Delhi?s stakes in the region.
Embassy comes to the rescue of Indian driver ?beaten up by sponsor?
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4674 d 21h 18m | gulf-times.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
THE Indian embassy will move the authorities concerned against the sponsor of an Indian driver who says he has been badly beaten up by the former "for some flimsy reasons" a few days ago.
India awakens to racial profiling
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4675 d 13h 47m | gulfnews.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
Muslims has given a new dimension to the epithet, "travelling while Asian".
Air India bans hand baggage
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4675 d 13h 49m | gulf-daily-news.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
ALL Air India passengers are banned from carrying hand baggage on flights, including from Bahrain, it was revealed yesterday. The order comes into force with immediate effect, senior Air India sources in Mumbai told the GDN
Mittal faces setbacks in India oil JV
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4676 d 12h 24m | thepeninsulaqatar.com | People & Politics |share| report
Lakshmi Mittal, Britain?s richest man, faces a series of setbacks in his home country that could cost him and the Indian government billions of dollars in lost revenues.
India dam submerges villagers’ livelihood
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4698 d 23h 53m | gulf-daily-news.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
"If someone offers you this stone in exchange for fertile land, would you take it?" he asked. - Narmada Project
India, Iran, Pakistan to appoint consultant on pipeline pricing
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4700 d 55m | metimes.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India, Iran, and Pakistan agreed Friday to appoint a consultant to try to resolve a row over the price of Iranian gas to be sold to the South Asian nations through a multibillion-dollar pipeline.
Aljazeera.Net - Boy rescued in India pit drama
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4712 d 01h 33m | english.aljazeera.net | People & Politics |share| report
The boy emerged from the hole in the arms of a soldier, after army rescuers had burrowed through after digging a hole parallel to the one the boy, identified only as Prince, fell into on Friday.
Nepal asks for India help in Lebanon
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4713 d 3h 47m | gulf-times.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Over 4,000 Nepalis, including a large number of women, work in Lebanon, mostly as blue-collar workers and housemaids. Six of them, including three women, managed to leave Lebanon this week aboard an Indian ship.
Pakistan trim’s its troops because it has US and Chinese guarantees of military assistance agai....
Qatar | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4714 d 18h 9m | aljazeera.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
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