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Article  Telenor Call Packages
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: hinach786 | 102 d 7h 55m | General News |share| report
Telenor ASA is a multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Barium. It is one of the worldâ??s largest mobile telecommunications companies with services worldwide. It has 176 millions users from 13 countries in Cen ......
Article  Adobe Photoshop
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: hinach786 | 154 d 11h 4m | General News |share| report
Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used photo editing and graphics software in the world. Developed by the American publisher Abode, Photoshop is a true reference and stands out on all platforms thanks to qualities that do not fade over th ......
Article  Adobe Illustrator CS6
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: hinach786 | 154 d 11h 6m | General News |share| report
Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the ideal software for making professional-quality vector graphics. It includes various creative tools such as art forms, drawing options, and various fluids that will help you in your artistic designs. You will be ......
Article  jazz
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: hinach786 | 154 d 11h 6m | General News |share| report
In the Past Mobilink network much more huge growth, finally coming up with together around 55 to 60 millions users and Jazz Becomes the biggest Telecom Network in Pakistan. Jazz has introduced to new different packages for its users. In or ......
Pakistan?s atomic, missile technology better than India?s, says Mubarakmand
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4410 d 13h 35m | pakistanlink.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
UN report slams India for caste discrimination
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4431 d 7h 51m | app.com.pk | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
Look whos talking - India's processed uranium selling in international black market
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4436 d 7h 21m | app.com.pk | People & Politics |share| report
Pakistan?s legal system is a lot better than India - By a Pakistani
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4437 d 10h 29m | app.com.pk | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
India renews pressure on Pakistan over militants
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4440 d 5h 51m | dailytimes.com.pk | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Pakistani legislators protest Hindu inclusion in syllabus
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4442 d 9h 4m | earthtimes.org | Education |share| report
Islamist members of the Pakistani parliament on Wednesday staged a walkout over the inclusion of Hindu and Buddhist history in school education, media reports said.
India would not be allowed to control water: Pakistan
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4446 d 2h 2m | indianmuslims.info | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Pakistan Thursday termed a World Bank-appointed neutral experts verdict on the Baglihar hydropower project in Indias Jammu and Kashmir as a "major victory" and added that it will not allow India to control shared water resources, Online new ......
India discovers uranium deposits in Andhra Pradesh
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4455 d 2h 56m | dailytimes.com.pk | Business & Economy |share| report
India has identified the uranium deposits in Andhra Pradesh, which can meet the fuel requirements of Indias nuclear power programme and mining for the uranium ore will start by the end of this year.
India-born US filmmaker amazed by Hindu-Muslim harmony in Sindh province
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4459 d 4h 30m | dailyindia.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
Hyderabad (Pakistan), Feb 3 (ANI): An Indian-born US filmmaker Sarah Singh was amazed by the communal harmony between the Hindu and Muslim communities at the Sindh province in Pakistan.
What else do you expect - Pak controlled Kashmiris across LoC observed Indian Republic Day as Black ....
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4468 d 4h 7m | app.com.pk | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Like other parts of the world, the Kashmiris across the Line of Control observed the Indian Republic Day as a Black day to apprise the international community about the Indian forces brutal activities in Occupied valley against the innocent ......
Idols from India for restored Hindu temples in Pakistan
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4473 d 7h 35m | earthtimes.org | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
A three-member team of archaeological experts left here Saturday for India to search for idols of Hindu deities to be installed in restored temples in Pakistan
Muslims now an underclass in India, but change likely
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4489 d 12h 20m | dailytimes.com.pk | People & Politics |share| report
For the last 60 years, Indian Muslims have more often been the subjects of blame ? for terrorism and the 1947 Partition with Pakistan ? than sympathy, but things may be changing, according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor.
Learning from India
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4505 d 6h 24m | thenews.com.pk | General News |share| report
omething that the Pakistani government takes a careful look at in terms of its own efforts here at home.
Christians from across India will stage Dharna to demand SC Status for Dalit Christians on December ....
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4526 d 3h 42m | pakistanchristianpost.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
The upper caste Christians do not allow them to have equal access to the educations and other resources, which they have and on other hand the article 341 of Indian Constitution deprives them in getting the reservation.
Visit to Hindu temple: Indian praise for Musharraf
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4527 d 16h 45m | pakistanlink.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
Last Tuesday, Pakistani President Gen Pervez Musharraf did something, and also said something, which is rare in the political history of this Islamic Republic.
Pakistan to provide transit facility to India, Afghanistan
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4533 d 17h 2m | onlinenews.com.pk | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
Talking to a private TV station, spokeswoman of Foreign Office, Tasneem Aslam said we have allowed Afghanistan to export items to India using land routes of Pakistan and India can use Karachi port for trading with Afghanistan
Jaswant says India has to live with US-Pakistan ties
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4552 d 17h 3m | dawn.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India will have to live with the fact that the US will continue to rely on Pakistan as a key ally in the war against terror, says India?s former minister for external affairs Jaswant Singh.
Indian secularism - Mass conversion to Christianity, and Buddhism, at Nagpur
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4570 d 16h 42m | pakistanchristianpost.com | Culture, Religion & History |share| report
Look Who is Taling - look inwards first
?Pakistan will not accept nuclear discrimination?
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4579 d 17h 55m | pakistanlink.com | Security & Home Affairs |share| report
akistan has told the UN General Assembly?s main committee that it would not accept discrimination in the nuclear field, while underscoring the energy needs of its expanding economy.
Kalam to meet Afzal?s family today
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4581 d 17h 41m | dawn.com | Foreign Policy & Defence |share| report
India President A. P. J. Abdul Kalam will meet on Thursday the family members of Mohammed Afzal Guru, who faces execution for the 2001 attack on the Parliament House. Afzal?s wife Tabassum, his mother Ayesha Begum and his seven-year-old ......
WYSE to shift software base from India to Pakistan
Pakistan | MiddleEast | by: ravi | 4624 d 10h 19m | paktribune.com | Business & Economy |share| report
He said that India had become quite expensive as compared to Pakistan - Good for them

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