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FWF Austrian Science Fund - Press - Overcoming resistance - new options for the treatment of ovarian....
Austria | Europe | by: null | 3111 d 11h 59m | fwf.ac.at | Health |share| report
Austria | Europe | by: null | 3125 d 10h 47m | prd.at | Health |share| report
Asbestos Mesothelioma
India | Asia | by: elenabraydon | 3453 d 13h 27m | mesotheliomacancernewsinformation.blogspot.com | Health |share| report
Austria | Europe | by: prandd | 3746 d 11h 49m | Health |share| report
Vienna (Austria), 16. July 2008. In the clinical phase I trial AFF001, AFFiRiS GmbH has now recruited the 24 Alzheimer patients planned for this trial. The trial aims to investigate the tolerability and safety of an innovative Alzheimer" ......
Austria | Europe | by: prandd | 3836 d 13h 50m | Health |share| report
Vienna, 17. April 2008. The Viennese biotech company Affiris is today taking stock of the progress achieved to date in its clinical Alzheimer"s vaccination programme. All the Alzheimer"s patients treated so far as part of th ......
Austria | Europe | by: prandd | 3838 d 16h 41m | Health |share| report
Research into the correlations between allergies and the development of tumours - and possible benefits for future cancer treatments - has finally become an established research discipline in its own right. That w ......
Arthritis Support Board.
India | Asia | by: shonky | 3885 d 22h 33m | arthritissupportboard.com | Health |share| report
Complete online guide to arthritis. Conquer rather than cope with your arthritis.
Ancient Hindu therapy, a business opportunity for India
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4239 d 36m | alertnet.org | Health |share| report
Top India State Court Rules Unborn Child is "Living Person"
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4242 d 21h 45m | lifesite.net | Health |share| report
'Save India from genetically modified rice!'
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4246 d 26m | andhracafe.com | Health |share| report
US general in Mumbai for medical treatment :)
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4252 d 3h 01m | dnaindia.com | Health |share| report
Stem Cell Success for Spinal Injury in India
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4252 d 4h 51m | blog.wired.com | Health |share| report
From Russia For Hip Resurfacing Surgery At Coimbatore India
Russia | Europe | by: ravi | 4255 d 21h 19m | webwire.com | Health |share| report
Of all the countries I have traveled to Indians are by for the friendliest and warm hearted people.
India child malnourishment rates worse than Africa
New Zeland | AustraliaPacific | by: ravi | 4257 d 01h 33m | stuff.co.nz | Health |share| report
India has higher levels of malnourished children than Sub-Saharan Africa, despite the Asian giant having more funds and better infrastructure to tackle the problem, the UN Childrens Fund (Unicef) said on Wednesday.
UKs new law for migrants worries India-
India | Asia | by: ravi | 4266 d 21h 17m | timesofindia.indiatimes.com | Health |share| report
India is "very concerned" over a new British immigration law that has affected job prospects of thousands of Indian doctors in Britain and will take up the issue at the diplomatic level, said minister for overseas Indian affairs Vayalar Rav ......
Stanford team repairs Indias smallest hearts
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4269 d 19h 19m | sfgate.com | Health |share| report
But thanks to a team of visiting cardiologists from the Lucile Salter Packard Childrens Hospital at Stanford University Medical Center, Shikhar and nine other Mumbai children are recovering from congenital heart disease.
Hari:Vrinda - Dhams Blog : Heart Attacks and drinking warm water...., Hari:Vrinda - Dham blogs on su....
India | Asia | by: hiku | 4278 d 12h 35m | hari-vrinda-dham.sulekha.com | Health |share| report
Heart Attacks and drinking warm water.
Legal wrangle puts Indias generic drugs at risk - Cong(i) pro Europe Industry Govt did this.
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4279 d 7h 26m | newscientist.com | Health |share| report
Novartis is challenging a specific provision of Indias patent law that, if overturned, would see patents being granted far more widely, heavily restricting the availability of affordable generic medicines, MSF says.
Canadian Parents took daughter to India for Medical help
Canada | Americas | by: ravi | 4280 d 21h 48m | mississauganews.com | Health |share| report
On Christmas Eve, the family boarded a flight to New Delhi where Sainsha was diagnosed and treated for the disease.
All Praise for India Medical Tourism Industry
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4304 d 4h 57m | prleap.com | Health |share| report
India may be fast emerging as one of the most sought-after destinations for medical tourists in west, but Mr. Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, wants quality and affordable treatment for his countrymen first.
Blogger News Network Kids waistlines expand with India s economy
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4319 d 22h 52m | bloggernews.net | Health |share| report
Children especially pack their favourite fast-food outlets, waistlines bulging out of branded T-shirts and low-cut jeans.
India Plans Pre-Marriage HIV Test. Do you know AP has the highest number of HIV cases ?
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4319 d 23h 3m | abcnews.go.com | Health |share| report
Indias Andhra Pradesh state, which has the countrys largest number of HIV cases, is set to become the first to make it mandatory for couples to take a HIV test before marrying, officials said on Wednesday.
Two Indias, obese and hungry
Usa | Americas | by: ravi | 4323 d 18h 3m | today.reuters.com | Health |share| report
Health minister Anbumani Ramadoss said the country faced a "galloping" rise in heart disease, diabetes and cancer as Indias 300-million-strong and increasingly wealthy middle class ate more junk food and lived more sedentary lives.
Indian school throws out HIV boy (Hyderabad)
Great Britain | Europe | by: ravi | 4328 d 3h 41m | news.bbc.co.uk | Health |share| report
The government-run school in Alwal, near the southern city of Hyderabad, sent the child home after parents of other children protested.
India: 7 000 girls killed daily
South Africa | Africa | by: ravi | 4328 d 3h 37m | news24.com | Health |share| report
India is losing about 7 000 girls daily because of the traditional preference for sons, which causes many people to abort female foetuses, said Unicef on Tuesday.

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