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Summary of our Terms and Conditions in Nut-Shell: As a User

  1. If you do not want to use the site for any reason or offended by content please stop visiting.
  2. You promise not to add any offensive, hate or sexual oriented content to the site including in the comments.
  3. This site is for users over 18 only.
  4. You will stick to the general theme of the site, aka - politics, foreign Policy, war on terror, business etc serious legitimate news.
  5. If you feel any of your copyrights have been violated please let us know at ilaka.com@gmail.com, if so we will remove that item from site.
  6. We reserve the right to remove, edit any content added to the site as deemed appropriate (this is not censoring but if there is any offensive or copyrighted material we would like to remove from our site)
  7. ID's and or IP addressed can be banned if offensive content is being added to site.
  8. The information presented is for information and entertainment only, no decisions shall be based solely on any or all of the content presented.

Privacy Policy

Subjected to Change without Notification

Summary of our Privacy Policy in Nut-Shell:

  1. We log IP addresses (default by the Apache Web Logs) for traffic analysis.
  2. We log IP addresses to prevent automated spiders from inserting data and rating items. We use a combination of IP and timeline to determine these.
  3. We do not use any information to identify any person.
  4. We do not share any required and optional profile data unless required by Law.
  5. We do not use any cookies information to track activities, we use it just to validate the sessions logins etc technical stuff.
  6. Advertisers and 3rd party links may add their own cookies which we have no control of.
  7. Only system administration personal, site admins have access to our database.
  8. email addresses give will only be used to send emails about new services offered.

2This page shall be used only for information. Currency and graphs are from Yahoo (r) and shall not be used as decision making tools. To remove a feed from a site please send us feedback with ownership claim of the data. we do not guarantee the accuracy of any of this information. We do not endorse any informatoin presented. Each site and names are copy right of the respectevie owners. 1News gathered from several sources and will up updated every 4 hours. During the update site may be slow. This site is advertisement supported. we have no control of the advertisements shown on the site. News has been extracted from several sites rss feeds including but not limited to bbc.com, hindu.com, rediff.com, cnn, ndtv etc. ** spiders of ilaka crawl through the net every day and incrementally every 4 hours to extract the data.

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