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about India from around the world. for global citizens of India. ilaka means more than a neighbourhood - its home where people khow you, have friends family and well wishers - where you feel home and comfortable.

no matter how many places you lived in or stayed at there are only few one calls their own ilaka. we want to be your ilaka on the net. please use the site and tell friends. as a true global citizen we move around the globe to be successful and our goal is to connect these global citizens. though we start small vision is to expand for you to know, make friends voice opinion. this site gets its revenue from the sponsor links.

news: top news about India from around the world is being gathered to inform you about who's saying what about India and its people. front page gets the news from around the world, user views and recommendations are being noted to create top news list.

  • you can add your own links that you like in the add a link section. and you can write your own news in publish section.
  • to add news all you need is the url of the link write your own title and caption as you wish. select the region and country this news is from, this is crucial to maintain the true global nature of the site.
  • to publish select link, write a title, select topic and write the article in plain text or righ html. story will be attributed to the country you registered as your current residence.
  • top user added links and written articles will be in the "user added" top of the top news.

at this point you can not change the country or email you used but we are working on the profile section as part of "connect" feature.

more to come.. voice, wiki, connect... soon


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